ICAS RAP Restart Assistance Program

RAP supports your organization and employees in achieving a successful restart – by helping them help themselves.

ICAS RAP Restart Assistance Program

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant effect on society and the economy. Life is no longer what we’re used to. This results in stress, anxiety, and mental blocks. To get off to a flying start after the lockdown and to be able to overcome the challenges of the economic crisis, however, companies need the full potential of their executives and their staff. The ICAS RAP Restart Assistance Program supports your organization, your executives and your employees in achieving a successful restart.

RAP for your organization

Instead of longing for the predictable times we enjoyed before the crisis, companies will have to keep reinventing themselves in many areas over the next few months. Business agility and creativity are more important than ever to remain successful despite the looming economic crisis. Organizations that can rely on strong, prudent executives and healthy, motivated employees will be able to take off despite the uncertain times that lie ahead. We will assist you in keeping your most important resources – your employees – healthy and productive.

RAP for your executives

The new working world will hold particular challenges for executives: dealing with stressed em-ployees, managing virtual teams, resolving resistance, driving innovation processes, all while achieving high targets – an ideal breeding ground for work-related stress. Add to that personal stress – and the limits are quickly reached. To avoid loss in performance as a result of this, execu-tives also need a professional, independent, and anonymous point of contact that can coach them through the times that lie ahead.

RAP for your employees

Dealing with changes is never easy. No longer working from home, anxieties about the future, financial problems, relationship issues, and family worries are all stress factors that not only impact negatively on health, behavior, and performance. They also cause mental blocks, lead to apathy, and can result in complete breakdowns due to illness if they’re ignored. Provide your employees with an option to seek help from experienced psychologists early on, as they see fit, and entirely anonymously – so that they can remain healthy and contribute to your company’s

The ICAS RAP Restart Assistance Program includes: 

  • 24/7 counseling and support by phone or live chat for emotional or psychological issues
  • Personal counseling (1-8 sessions) with a psychotherapist via a secured video connection of face-to-face
  • Brochure in electronic format (PDF)
  • Introductory video
  • Anonymous final statistics about the use of the service
  • Three webinars for executives on the following topics:
    Management in difficult times – Ideas for proactive organizational design, agility, leadership
    Dealing with stressed employees – Early recognition, appropriate response on the part of managers
    Increasing creativity and optimism – What distinguishes successful people?

Price per employee CHF 25* for a fixed term of 6 months

ICAS RAP+ (optional extra to the offer above)

  • Telephone support for practical and legal questions

Additional cost per employee CHF 16*

*All prices excl. sales tax

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